To the Madison ABC Family:
The mission of Madison ABC is rooted in racial justice and equity. As a program we condemn racism and racial injustice in the strongest terms. The tragic murder of George Floyd has again emphasized that there is much work to be done. The “A Better Chance” program has always striven to be a vehicle for change and opportunity. It was born in the midst of the great Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s to break down cultural barriers by bringing together people from different backgrounds. These encounters create new relationships, and build a true sense of community, where a person’s heart, and not his skin tone, is the true measure of his worth.

In the predominantly white community of Madison, most of us are shielded from the all-tooreal struggles that continue to confront people of color in this nation. However as we witness racist tragedies such as the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, we join in the rage and the heartbreak and ask, what can Madison ABC do? As allies, we will take action by recognizing and fighting against the ways in which racism shows up in our community: through white passivity, silence, and racial microaggression. We will channel our energy and resources into engaging local political figures, educators, police, and community leaders because the fight for justice and accountability calls on all of us to show up. Finally, we will keep our community informed as we take action.

As we watch these repeated tragedies unfold, we are cognizant of the myriad emotions for our Scholars and their families. Therefore, we pledge to those Scholars that come through our doors that the Madison ABC community will be one of inclusion, support and love. We will continue to welcome Scholars and their families as well as their predecessors and successors with open arms. Our mission has always been to educate and prepare young people of color to assume positions of responsibility and leadership in American culture. We will continue that mission in a way that not only educates and enlightens both the Scholars and our community as a whole, but does so in a safe and nurturing environment.

May you all stay safe and healthy, and may God bless and keep you through these difficult and troubling times.

During the school year, ABC scholars live at the Roby House (Hwy. 79 at Green Hill Rd.)

ABC Spotlight

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