Advisory Board

We are fortunate to be able to call on members of the Madison ABC Advisory Board for help and advice thoughout the year. This Board is composed of members of the community and Madison ABC alumni. These volunteers are representative of the involvement of the Madison community and our alumni in the ABC progam. Their commitment and contributions mean much to all.

Blake Bidwell, Community Member
Helen Bidwell, Community Member
Taffy Bowes, Community Member
Anik Choudhury, Madison ABC Alumnus 2002
Craig Cooke, PhD, Madison Superintendent of Schools
Al Goldberg, Selectman
Noreen Kokoruda, Community Member
David Kuehler, Community Member
Rev. Nancy Leckerling, Community Member
Peggy Lyons, First Selectman

Greg Martin, Community Member
Renee A. McIntyre, Community Member
Jomerro McMillian, Madison ABC Alumnus 1972
Fillmore McPherson, Former First Selectman
John Michael Parker, State Representative
Thomas Petrick, DMD, Dentist
TJ Salutari, DHHS Principal
Craig W. Semple, DHHS Director of Athletic Programs
Adrienne Smaller, Ph.D., Asst Clinical Professor of Psychology