Featured Alumni

TJ Naylor, Madison ABC class of 1999, was inducted into the Madison Hall of Fame in Fall 2022!

Lieutenant Colonel Jacob “TJ” Naylor graduated from Bryant University in 2003 with an ROTC scholarship. He was a 2nd  Lieutenant in the US Army in 2003. TJ received his MBA from Touro University in 2007 and a master’s degree from UCF in 2018.

TJ credits his successes to the valuable lessons learned while part of the Madison ABC program, namely, dedication, perseverance, and teamwork. At DHHS TJ earned many varsity letters and was inducted into the Madison Athletic Hall of Fame, class of 2022, in recognition of his achievements.

He says, “Participating in the Madison A Better Chance program and playing high school sports provided an excellent foundation. I’m forever grateful to the wonderful people in the Madison community who played a role in my success no matter how big or small.”

Mahir Shiekh

Mahir Shiekh graduated from DHHS in 2013 and Bard College in 2017.  He will be completing his graduate studies at Georgetown in 2021, when he will earn a MPP.  Mahir also holds a certificate in Refugee Studies and Humanitarian Crises.

Asa Palmer

Asa Palmer graduated from DHHS in 2014 and graduated Wesleyan in 2018 with a Major in Economics and a Minor in Film. Asa played football for the Wesleyan Cardinals. He is currently a  Broadcast Associate for CBS Sports in NYC. Asa also has his own media production company called Palmer Huntt Productions (IG: palmerhunttproductions).

From Our Alumni

Universities and colleges our Scholars have gone on to attend include:

Amherst College · Bard College · Boston College · Boston University · Bryant University · Clark University · Colby College · Connecticut College · Cornell University · Dartmouth College · Drew University · Fordham University · Franklin & Marshall College · George Mason University · Georgetown University · Gettysburg College · Graham Junior College · Hamilton College · Hofstra University · James Madison University · Johns Hopkins University · Keystone Junior College · Lehigh University · Middlebury College · Monson College · Muhlenberg College · New York University · Northeastern University · Providence College · Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute · Rutgers University · St. John’s University · St. Olaf College · Temple University · Texas Southern University · Tufts University · Union College · University of California · University of Connecticut · University of Pennsylvania · University of Virginia · Vanderbilt University · Villanova University · Wesleyan University

Roby House Alumni Foundation

Roby House Alumni Foundation (RHAF) was founded by Madison ABC Alumni TJ Naylor ’99, Anik Choudhury ’02, Eric Charway ’01, Jesse Rios ’97, Richard Martin ’00, and Alessandro Natera ’99.

Its mission is to enrich the lives of Madison A Better Chance Scholars with opportunities beyond program graduation through mentorship and scholarships to cultivate their development into future leaders.

Roby House Alumni Foundation believes that access to former Scholars and scholarships can harness the power of networking through our associations and beyond.  The mentorship, activities, and scholarships of the RHAF are not commercial and are for the purpose of providing young Scholars with the guidance and financial help needed through college and beyond.

The RHAF was formed as a non-profit corporation in May 2017 and received federal tax-exempt status in April 2018.  https://robyhouse.org/about-us/

Madison ABC Alumni

2020 – Jordon Rivera
2019 – Josh Cabral
2018 – Delvantae Hutton
2017 – Malachi Dixon-Powell
2016 – Jesus Verdejo, Nasir Williams
2015 – Josh Antwi
2014 – Asa Palmer
2013 – Mahir Sheik
2012 – Ryan Daniels
2011 – David Lee, Richie Ortiz, Hector Henriquez
2009 – Shaquan Huntt
2007 – Kelvin Castillo, Hamadi Sanchez
2006 – Samuel Edandison, Hugh McKenzie
2005 – Marvin Walker
2004 – Gustavo Feliciano
2003 – Steadroy Lloyd, Micah Prescott
2002 – Anik Choudhury, Raul Altreche
2001 – Eric Charway
2000 – Richard Martin
1999 – TJ Naylor, Allesandro Natera
1998 – Cesar Perez
1997 – Jesse Rios
1996 – Shennell Antrobus, Louis Figueroa
1995 – Yinka Oyesiku, Bernardino Hadaway
1993 – Leo Arias

1992 – Tahijj Counts, Tony Sin, Sean Weekes
1991 – George Tapia
1989 – Mark Valderamma
1988 – Andre Travieso, Harry Maldonado, Daniel Sanchez
1987 – Joshua Kissoon
1986 – Nigel Knowles
1984 – Kerry Abner, David Quianes, Al Mack
1983 – Rodrigo Acosta, Rafael Lopez
1982 – Louis Dantzler
1981 – Barry Taylor, Robert Green
1980 – Esau Sullivan
1979 – Arthur Anderson, Wilbur Harris, Michael Santana
1977 – Barry Jones Winley, Ronald Harris, James Howell, Alan Pickett
1976 – Timothy Jones, David Lyles
1975 – Amancio Ortiz
1974 – James Howell, Steve Thompson, Richard Beverly, Glenn Harris
1973 – Lee Harris, Lorenzo Mendizabal, Quincy Ellis
1972 – Jomerro McMillian, Victor Alicea, Ronald Massey, Charles Williams, Tom England