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Marveling at how the last three years have flown by, senior Hanley Tapia, from Methuen, Massachusetts, continues to make the most of his time in the Madison ABC program. His impressive curriculum for the year includes AP Statistics, AP Macroeconomics, Honors Physics, Honors Spanish 6, Bible as Literature, and Race, Literature, and Culture as well as managing the girls volleyball team and serving as captain of the fencing and boys volleyball teams. Hanley is looking forward to the college search process; eager to explore new places, he is considering international studies and a future profession as a travel nurse.



Aware of the demands of junior year, Kenny Carter, from Springfield, Massachusetts, acknowledges that he has had excellent role models to emulate as he now steps into a leadership position as an upperclassman at the Roby House and at DHHS. With an eye toward a possible career in sports management, he is taking Anatomy, Algebra 2, U.S. History, and Honors World Literature as well as conducting an independent project. A valued member of both the football and wrestling teams, Kenny has high hopes for the two sports’ seasons. He also participates in the Habitat for Humanity Club and the Fishing Club.



Dashawn Winter, a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York, is glad to be back at both DHHS and the Roby House for his second year. His current courseload includes Algebra 2, Honors American Literature, Sports in American Culture, Personal Finance, and Drawing. Dashawn is particularly interested in architecture and is looking forward to welding in Metalshop. After training hard all summer, he intends to be a strong contributor to the football team this fall. He plans to join the ski team this winter and aims to best his own records as a member of the outdoor track team this spring.



Jeremias Peralta, from Brooklyn, New York, joined the Madison ABC program this year as a sophomore and has felt immediately welcomed by the community. His diverse academic interests range from history to math and science; at DHHS, he’s taking Honors American Literature, Algebra 2, and Chemistry and looking forward to Automotive Technology and Mechanics in particular. Jeremias plans to join the basketball team this winter and play baseball
in the spring.



Jake Gordillo, a freshman from Bridgeport, Connecticut, is quickly settling into the Roby House and ABC program. He has high ambitions and is keen to prove himself. Over the course of this school year, he will be taking Global Studies, Science, Algebra, Video Game Design, Latin, Business of Engineering, and Literature. Open to moving beyond his comfort zone to have new experiences, he will be trying his hand at fencing and piano. Jake is also looking into joining the Robotics team.