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Congratulations to Scholars, Hanley Tapia (High Honors), Andrew Onubogu, Terron John and  Daven Pelaez for making the Honor Roll for Trimester 2.



Terron John, a senior from Queens, aspires to take on greater responsibility at DHHS and in the Roby House. He has been actively involved in theater since his freshman year and was involved with the stage crew for this fall’s production of 12 Jurors. Terron completed a Long Island University film and broadcasting program this summer, which confirmed his interest in continuing to study these fields in college. His classes this year are Mandarin 4, AP Psychology, AP Literature, Physics, and Precalculus. Terron also hopes to play lacrosse in the spring.



Daven Pelaez, a senior from Bridgeport, intends to set an example at the Roby House and hone the adaptation skills these unprecedented times require. His goals for the year include giving the college application process his all, keeping up his impressive academic record, and influencing positivity around him. Daven’s course load includes two literature electives—Race, Literature, and Culture; and the Bible—AP Physics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Calculus BC. A four-year member of the DHHS soccer team, Daven contributed to the team’s strong and successful season.



David Hampton, a junior from Bridgeport, acknowledges that this year is bound to be a different experience for him and his peers. He intends to make the most of it, rocking his academic reviews and contributing to the community. He is taking Chemistry, English, Algebra II, Mandarin 3, and Literature and Film. Mandarin, he says, remains his favorite subject; the latter, Literature and Film, the most challenging. David participates in Diversity Club and volunteers for ACT II Thrift Shop.



Andrew Onubogu, a sophomore from West Orange, New Jersey, is glad to be back for his second year in Madison. His classes include Honors Chemistry, Honors Literature, Honors Algebra II, and Philosophy. Andrew is drawn to history and language arts while math and science come to him most naturally. He’s particularly interested in development of the intellect and the processes that shape our individual thinking. He plans to continue to have an active voice with Diversity Club, run cross-country and track, and play basketball on the DHHS teams.



Hanley Tapia, a freshman from Methuen, Massachusetts, is happy to have joined the Madison ABC program and is enjoying getting to know his fellow scholars and the resident staff. A math enthusiast, he’s interested in business and looks forward to studying finance. He’s currently enrolled in Algebra I, Global Studies, Literature and Composition, Spanish 3, and Biology. Outside class, Hanley aims to join the volleyball and track teams and start up a videogaming club.