Madison, CT

Madison is located on the Connecticut shoreline in the middle of the state.  Our town sits on Long Island Sound and is home to beautiful Hammonasset State Beach.  We are easily accessible by train, just 2.5 hours to either Boston or New York City.

We are a small community of approximately 20,000 year-round residents with a very strong sense of community. The ABC program has been an active member of the community for the past 50 years.  ACTII Thrift Shop in town was started from the original fundraising efforts of the program and is now its own 501(c)(3) organization. Many students and board members volunteer their time at the store and it is a major financial contributor to the program every year.  We hold two much-anticipated events each year. The first is the annual Bike Sale on the Town Green around Memorial Day weekend. The second is the annual Holiday Concert, featuring talented performers from the greater area. For many town residents, this event marks the start of their holiday season.

Madison is a great location for a Community Schools Program. Madison offers the safety and security of a small town.  The Surf Club facility provides access to a town beach, complete with basketball courts, volleyball courts, a snack bar and picnic area.  It also is home to Strong Field, the perfect location for a Friday night football game, soccer or lacrosse games.  When combined, these unique attractions serve as the perfect place for teens to enjoy their high school experience and have the freedom for kids to be kids.

The downtown offers some popular spots as well. We have many places to grab a sandwich, coffee, or ice cream.  Madison also has a brand new state of the art library located in the heart of the downtown shopping area that has become a place for students to meet for school projects or just to socialize.  Overall, Madison provides a safe, fun, and supportive community for the Scholars to enjoy their high school years.

Madison Green