The Roby House

The Roby House on Durham Road is the Scholars’ home away from home. It is a warm, comfortable, and secure place where they enjoy friendship, share meals, study, and sleep. A basketball game on the outside court provides a perfect outlet to unwind and release energy.

Marvin “TRE” Baker III

Resident Director

Marvin “Tre” Baker III stepped into the role of Resident Director at the Roby House in 2022. He has been with Madison ABC since the fall of 2020, previously serving as Resident Assistant. A graduate of Mitchell College in New London, Tre was recruited to play basketball and majored in Sport and Fitness Management. Tre is from Pensacola, Florida; as part of a military family, he also lived in several other states and England while growing up. He is passionate about basketball, fitness, and working with young people.


Resident Assistant

Adriana Diaz joined Madison ABC as Resident Assistant in the fall of 2022. She was born in Queens, New York, and raised in the Dominican Republic. She holds a BA in International Development and Social Change with a focus on Humanitarian Aid and Youth Work, and a master’s in Public Administration. Adriana also works as a Virtual Assistant at South Shore Charter Public School in Norwell, Massachusetts, and serves as a Community Volunteer Leader and Outreach Coordinator for the American Red Cross. She is always eager to assist our students in becoming the greatest versions of themselves in their academic and personal lives.